Snapshot: 20170517-8bc9cef7a9

Racket plus Tests
      32-bit x86 80.7 MB SHA1: 8e7171c84f14a892c90fdf87146f642b38e4630f
      64-bit x64 81.2 MB SHA1: 87ea801e4e2b552ce60bbfb99d5c1abafb070d0f
   Mac OS X
      32-bit Intel  108.8 MB SHA1: d672d869e41d5ca3195111cee92bd72df3c9cfb2
      64-bit Intel  109.6 MB SHA1: fa063fc351c6ccc01c03cbf037dab54d34a5dd5a
      32-bit i386 built on Debian Wheezy  124.4 MB SHA1: ba9fa3aed09d5bb5c737e7ab594725c290499245
      32-bit i386 built on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin  124.4 MB SHA1: 7a05072059453f09a76e12d432983f5422e1ec8c
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Debian Wheezy  136.2 MB SHA1: 77d3181b2e030291f586a7139d227458b6367a3b
      64-bit x86_64 built on Debian Wheezy 124.7 MB SHA1: 58e2efb4e8a60ffba1cf5b0a8b31f48608d128d2
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 124.7 MB SHA1: 5ed83a100597b31a6cea6b43e65bca33b3fdb614
   OpenBSD 5.3
      64-bit x86_64 built with version 5.3 124.8 MB SHA1: 614501c6444d8927999e4f618d4775e86074eb5d
   OpenBSD 6.0
      64-bit x86_64 built with version 6.0 124.8 MB SHA1: 614501c6444d8927999e4f618d4775e86074eb5d
      64-bit x86_64 125.1 MB SHA1: d911224c417aefbc5a8df01567f0770313fc6c67
   All Platforms
      Source 24.7 MB SHA1: d71bb1a853369796e331a464b9e39e858c23e0ce
      Source + pre-built packages 124.6 MB SHA1: 56c53fd9f5938963624ee2deca19ceebe6a3a3ec
Minimal Racket
      32-bit x86 6.7 MB SHA1: e6185f14ca0d2b15afbba8018d872189163c723c
      64-bit x64 7.1 MB SHA1: 99e8d6f27b29890c38c61e0b0aa6d377d19ce6f5
   Mac OS X
      32-bit Intel  7.9 MB SHA1: bc6b5ac431d5f4bfab6eac6c4b6743ec59663826
      64-bit Intel  8.3 MB SHA1: fb7bc3b3946cf0c32aa0d0b51bf7245aef5a212f
      32-bit i386 built on Debian Wheezy  10.2 MB SHA1: 0c9207f766685e58a735e1bde9ac1b991879f177
      32-bit i386 built on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin  10.2 MB SHA1: 1181570eabf41f004f0f59208ec29732b4a16b59
      64-bit x86_64 natipkg built on Debian Wheezy  12.2 MB SHA1: 6fe361a5581300040c39ff13a277dbe24102e7a7
      64-bit x86_64 built on Debian Wheezy 10.5 MB SHA1: 1faf4d4966456d46f077d4b5432704004979386d
      64-bit x86_64 built on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 10.5 MB SHA1: 6b3afa6c4abc84a90cf0f0e18d36a1cd3613c2a0
   OpenBSD 5.3
      64-bit x86_64 built with version 5.3 10.5 MB SHA1: 1a34f96faa53911c982a6ff7331a76461c87fa8d
   OpenBSD 6.0
      64-bit x86_64 built with version 6.0 10.5 MB SHA1: 1a34f96faa53911c982a6ff7331a76461c87fa8d
      64-bit x86_64 11.1 MB SHA1: 8d286db167c405d6ebcf849e5a9668a532d6b878
   All Platforms
      Source 6 MB SHA1: 05ea8ead4e88f330c01afd27e297bf75d3b17d72
      Source + pre-built packages 10.6 MB SHA1: b0fe473dc464afe3243c55236a4483447f9f540d

Commit: 8bc9cef7a9d3c118438b5436af8ec020d363ea7a
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